Our 2016-2017 Schooling Plans



Hey Amazing Moms! I’m back with an update of our schooling plans for the 2016-2017 school year. This video explains what are plans are and an explanation of why our schooling plans have changed. I thank you in advance for your support and sensitivity concerning this subject. Our 2016-2017 Schooling Plans  Are you a current homeschooler […] Read more…

Homeschool Q and A: Part 2



Hey Amazing Moms! Welcome back to part two of my homeschool Questions and Answers Series! Last week I asked for your homeschool questions via Facebook and Instagram and holy moly…I got some great ones! Thanks for interacting with me and responding so promptly…I LOVE you ladies and gents!  If you’re not following along on Facebook and Instagram, why not? Join us and […] Read more…

Boys Bedroom Tour: Three Boys, One room, Making it Work!


boys room

Hey Amazing Moms! Recently, we finally updated our boys room. We have been living in our three level townhouse for three and a half years and finally..FINALLY…we’ve painted the boys room (applause)! Being that the original paint color was flat, contractors grade, antique beige, I’m sure you can imagine what the walls were looking like […] Read more…

Amazing Mom Stories: Episode 2



Hey Amazing Moms! Welcome back to our second episode of Amazing Mom Stories. If you are new to the blog, you are probably wondering what Amazing Mom Stories are. Amazing Mom Stores are stories of encouragement. Stories of various moms from various backgrounds who are all going through life with the spirit of determination. Moms […] Read more…

Kids Command Center for $20



Hey Amazing Moms! I am so excited about sharing the newest addition to our classroom/playroom. Drumroll please…. Our kids chore chart and command center!! I created this very simple command center using items that I already had on hand as well as a few goodies from my FAVORITE place in all the land…you guessed it: […] Read more…

Month of April Homeschool Update



Hey Amazing Moms! We have only one month left before we wrap up our 2015-2016 school year (cue the fireworks!). These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of impromptu field trips, completing curriculum, and wrapping up the year with our Classical Conversations homeschooling community. As we press towards the finish line, I wanted to […] Read more…

Confessions of a Target Addict



Hey Amazing Moms!   Admittedly, I’m obsessed. Maybe its the bright lights, or the perfectly organized aisles. It could very well be the catchy logo or that adorable little white puppy…they call him Bulls Eye. Seriously how cute is that? What’s not to love about a playful puppy with a spot around one eye?! The […] Read more…

OMG! We’re Going Dairy Free!



Hey Amazing Moms! Yes…you read it right; we are giving up dairy. I can barely say it out loud without crying (insert ugly cry emoticon). But , hey, sometimes being an amazing mom requires us to make sacrifices for our families and for a better life. If you have been reading my blog for a […] Read more…

4000 plus Instagram Follower Giveaway!!


Instagram Giveaway

I’m so excited to give away one of my Half Mom Half Amazing t-shirts in celebration of reaching 4000+ Instagram followers! I love my Instagram community and I’ve learned so much from everyone that I interact with there. I’ve made awesome friendships, met wonderful encouraging moms, and hundreds of inspiring people and I want to celebrate […] Read more…

Amazing Mom Apparel Is Here!



Im so excited to announce that my new line of motivational mom t-shirts are now available for purchase! Join the Amazing Mom Movement! You are an amazing mom, so let the whole world know! Half mom half amazing T-shirts are made from durable, breathable cotton, and are easily machine washable and comfortable. Wear them around […] Read more…

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