30 Minute Makeover: The Clothing Closet




Welcome back to this months 30 Minute Makeover!

Last month we tackled the corner kitchen cabinet in 30 minutes, this week we are heading upstairs to the dreaded clothing closet. Let the public embarrassment commence in 5, 4, 3, 2,1!

To put it lightly, everything got away from us over the past few weeks. My husband went away a couple weeks back, we went away as a family this weekend. All that results in unpacked bags, piles of dirty laundry and baskets of clean laundry that have been dug through in haste as we packed our weekend bags. Now that we are back home, we are left with the aftermath.

closet2 closet4 closet5

So 30 minutes really isn’t enough time to make miracles happen, but there is a lot that you can accomplish in a really chaotic space in 30 minutes if you take 5 minutes to create an action plan. First off, locate the areas that need the most attention in order to create the greatest impact.


First, ! need to put away the basket of clean laundry. It was already folded so that saved me lots of time. Second, remove all dirty laundry and place them down in the laundry room to be sorted and washed. Third, eliminate eye sores such as clutter or anything that is out of place.


Fourth, tidy up the baskets and the shelves (why does my husband have a random roll of pink foam in his closet?). Fifth, place everything that isn’t in its place, back in its place (such as shoes and accessories).

Ahhh…much better!

closet8 closet9 closet10 closet11

Lets do some side-by-side shots for some dramatic impact, shall we?


closetnew closet14

30 Minute Closet Cleaning tips:

Remove what doesn’t belong (dirty laundry, baskets of clean laundry, miscellaneous items). If you keep a basket for dirty laundry in your closet, I suggest making sure you remove the laundry every other day to prevent over accumulation (i’m speaking to myself here).

Put back what does belong (shoes that are scattered about, clothes that may have fallen off hangers etc).

Tidy and re-purpose (refold clothes, use similar hangers throughout or hang items in groups of similar hangers, straighten up or replace bins or systems that aren’t working for you).


That’s it! It’s not  a dramatic transformation, but it sure is a WHOLE lot better. I have big plans to give our litter master closet and a more dramatic make over which is scheduled for early next year. For now its clean, organized and functional. What I love most is that, since purging our closets for the Fall, we have room to grow. Any one want to go shopping?!

Now its your turn… go ahead and get in there! 30 minutes can make a big difference! Happy organizing!


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