30 Minute Makeover: The Kids Linen Closet



Hi everyone! I’m back with another 30 minute make over!

Linen closets…we all have them and most of them look a mess. Sure there are times when we put our things in our linen closet neatly, but 95% of the time when we are in a rush we shove folded laundry in there and it gets crowded. If items aren’t folded uniformly everything ends up looking sloppy. Today I decided to tackle my kids linen closet. I also started putting guest towels in the kids linen closet as well. Here’s a before picture (sigh).IMG_2950[1]

Pretty much it was just full and bursting at the seams with rarely used linen, keepsake crochet baby blankets and tiny little baby bath towels that my kids have outgrown. Sometimes it’s hard to let these things go because it’s a reminder that your kids are actually growing up. But after a brief reality check,  realized that my “baby” is now going on two years old and a lot of those tiny little hooded towels really don’t make any sense anymore. I got outside of my feelings and went ahead purged. Same thing goes for the little crocheted blankets. Yes, they are mementos and they are keepsakes but they do not belong in the linen closet where they are never utilized. I had to take those and put those in the basement storage with the boys memorabilia.

When you’re going through your linens, ask yourself these questions: Is it useful? When was the last time that I used? Would my life be effected if I didn’t have it? If your answer is no to either number one or three… It’s time to let it go. If you have gone longer than 1 year without using it, you know what to do (hint hint:donate).

Now in terms of organizing, I decided to go with the basket system. In cases where you have linens that are hard to fold or things that just don’t stack neatly, baskets really make a huge difference. I decided to use baskets with my kids washcloths, hand towels and bath towels. My sons still use hooded towels but they use the larger hooded towels and those things are really awkward to fold. they always look lumpy and uneven so they don’t stack very well. I used these two orange baskets that I was recently given so the was cost FREE! I folded the hooded towels and put them in the basket file folder style which is really convenient. Now when I pull out that basket I just pull a hooded towel out and everything still stays intact ( wining!!). Then I have a separate basket for washcloths and hand towels. They too don’t stack neatly so I decided to hide them in the basket so everything looks neat and streamlined. I’m really loving this system for now.IMG_2962[1]

I also have a shelf where I keep the guest towels. I think 4-6 guest towels is enough for a house hold. I also have guest hand towels and  wash cloths in a separate basket on the side.



Since purging and organizing this closet, I have a whole shelf that’s cleared at the top. I’ll probably put some more guest linens up there or an extra pillow or two since the height of the closet is tall. Or I can put a basket in there with extra toothbrushes, tooth paste, bars of soap and other toiletries.



At the bottom I neatly stacked the toilet paper , baby wipes, pull-ups and diapers.


Here are the before-and-after shots:




 I want to briefly talk about the amount of linen you should have in your home. Every bed should have two to three sets of linen. For adults I would recommend two and for kids I recommend three. With this system you will have one sheet set that’s currently on the bed, one sheet set that’s currently in the wash and one set that’s clean and in the linen closet . This ensures that your linen closet isn’t bombarded with linen because there will only be one or two sets of linen in the linen closet per bed. I recommend that you keep your towels to minimum too. Every individual in your home only needs three sets of towels ( each set include a bath towel, wash cloth and hand towel). Again the same system: one that they’re currently using, one that is currently dirty or in the wash and one that is clean and ready to be utilized.

So again three sets of linen per bed in your home and three towels per person in your home. I hope this is been helpful to you guys. Go ahead and take 30 minutes purging and reorganizing a linen closet in your home. It will really make life more streamlined and you will do a happy dance every single time you open your linen closet ( I’m serious… Every. Single. Time 🙂 ).

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