Academy Recap February Week 3



Instead of going over what we reviewed this week…I decided to just share some of the highlights from this week. I decided that I didn’t want to bore you all with a subject by subject break down of everything we went over…although I KNOW you find it interesting every time :).

New Bible/Circle time Curriculum: I AM Memory Book




We wrapped up our amazing ABC Bible Memory Curriculum last week and now we have moved on to the “I AM Memory Book for Preschoolers”. This book is a more in depth review of Bible memory verses that focus on what Jesus says He is to us. Our first weeks verse was “Jesus said, ‘I AM the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger.’”- John 6:35. The focus story was about the little boy and the five loaves and two fish. Our craft was a basket of loaves and fish with the Bible verse attached.  What im loving about this book is that my five year old gets a deeper knowledge of Jesus through looking at Him from verses Jesus spoke Himself. He also gets to review the details of each Bible story for an entire week instead of the watered down, glossed over versions of Bible stories that most childhood Bibles have.  So far, we are loving it!

ABC Bible Memory Finale: Cookie baking party!





To celebrate the conclusion of our previous Bible memory curriculum, we threw an amazing ABC cookie party!! The boys got their hands dirty baking yummy sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles! They had a great time learning the life skill of baking as well as units of measurements such as what is a teaspoon, a table spoon, a quarter cup, half cup, cup etc.

Thrift Store Haul

This week I ventured over the local Goodwill Super Center. I was amazed about how many wonderful children’s books were available for as little as 50 cents. I picked up five great books as well as the ABC cookie cutters that we used to make our ABC cookies.


The Alphabake Cook Book and cookie cutter set came with a cookie recipe book that explained cookie recipes on a level that my five year old can understand. The book was colorful and filled with cute pictures and suggestions for how to use the 26 cookie cutters that came with it. The Alphabake set was only 5$ and included 26 uppercase alphabet cookie cutters, a cat shaped cutter, a head shaped, and a thought bubble shaped cutter.





I also scored a copy of a Children’s First Encyclopedia. All though it is an older publication, my son is gleaning a wealth of knowledge from this book. It has a simple table of contents on child friendly scientific and historical topics. There are bright, large illustrations of the human body, the solar system, as well as human and animal cells.


In addition to the encyclopedia I picked up a few 50 cent children’s books.  A treasury of nursery rhymes, animal alphabet stores, a pop up Bible story book and a lift a flap train book. All items were barely or gently used and they were all solid hard cover books, some with book protector sleeves still on and barely worn. After taking my Goodwill finds home I gave them a quick wipe down with a microfiber clothe saturated with cleaning solution just in case my two year old and one year old toddlers decided to give them a taste.

This was my first time going to Goodwill for children’s books (I usually go there to browse the furniture department so that I can find a new piece to refinish). I was really surprised with the selection of quality, new or barely used books that was available. My recommendation to new homeschooling moms or moms with preschoolers would be to check out your local Goodwill for educational materials, you never know what treasures you will find!













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