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Mom confessional time! Truth be told, Ive never stuffed stockings for my kids…I know, I’m a parental failure. In my defense: my kids were never really old enough to get anything meaningful in their stockings until this year. Now that they are six, four and three, I can go ahead and find items that are small enough to fit in their stockings without them being a chocking hazard or cheap and useless.

This month, I was given a great educational stocking stuffer from ThinkFun. ThinkFun is an amazing company that creates educational toys that even parents want to play with. They create fun games that sharpen the mind. Many of their toys and games are STEM related and fun…a winning combination!

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When ThinkFun contacted me to review one of their educational games, I was elated! What made it even better is that the game they sent me relates to what we have been learning…extra bonus!

We have been studying music theory for fine arts in homeschool of the past six weeks and I am not musical at all. My husband is gifted in that area but not I *sigh*. When I received the Compose Yourself game it was a God send. This game had my six year old composing original music literally in minutes. Heres how it works:


Your child selects any 4-16 music cards, each of them represents one measure. This is a good time to talk about the notes, how many beats they last for etc. We even clapped out the rhythm just to get a feel for how that measure of music would sound.


Then the fun really begins when your go on and enter the numbers at the top of each card. The music actually comes to life and your composition is played in either orchestra, marimba or both. You can name your songs and  save your arrangements as an mp3’s and share them via social media.



Check out our video review and see it in action:

If you’re interedsted in ordering Compose Yourself you can find it here:

 We love it and Im sure your kids will too! Now lets stuff some stockings..whoo whoo!

Merry Christmas!

From one amazing mom to another,


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