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Hey Amazing Moms!

It’s that time of year again…back to school season! Whether you homeschool or if your kids attend school outside of the home; back to school season can be stressful.  Last year our greatest challenge was managing school papers and keeping up with our busy family schedule. My husband would often travel and had varying evening schedules. Pair that with a variety of extracurricular activities and you have a recipe for confusion. This year I’ve decided that I will take control before the chaos ensues. Let me introduce to you our brand new Family  Command Center!

If you follow me on Instagram (and if you aren’t, why not?) you have seen the inspiration photo that jump started this project.

SOURCE: Home Depot Blog via Pinterest

Beautiful, isn’t it? I loved the simplicity and affordability of it. Often times when I see pictures of command centers, they look too congested, expensive and time consuming. Sometimes it just takes the right picture to get you inspired to finally take action. That’s why  I LOVE Pinterest!

I’ve always wanted a command center, but I couldn’t decide on a location that was secluded enough so that visitors couldn’t feast their eyes on all of our personal information ( because honestly, who needs to know that I have a gynocologist appointment on Tuesday? Just kidding.) When I finally decided on a location…it was on! A quick trip to Target, Walmart and IKEA coupled with some shopping around my home; and I have the command center I always wanted.

Here’s the break down of what I bought to complete the project: (click on links for details)

Padded Bench

Canvas #7 Pillow Cover

DIY chalkboard weekly calendar

DIY chalkboard monthly calendar: Free! Repurposed

Family” lettering: The link to mine wasn’t available but this one is similar

Letter V: Free! Already had it at home

Galvanized Metal Clock

Scalloped Magnetic Board

Magazine Rack

DIY Dry erase memo board

So as you can see, for less than $150 I created a necessary, functional and beautiful command center (pats self on back).

Before  gathering the items that you would like to include in your command center, it’s important to think about what organizational tools best suit the needs of your family. It’s cool to have a memo board or a magazine organizer, but if they won’t be utilized, why buy them? I knew that my family needed a weekly calendar as well as a monthly calendar. I also saw a need to paper organization, and places leave or display important notes. This wall is located by our back sliding door and I noticed that my kids shoes would accumulate by the back entrance, so a shoe storage bench was also needed. Your command center may be more simple or more complex based on your families needs.

If you can’t find exactly  what you need, don’t be afraid to create it yourself. I made this weekly calendar by painting the plexiglass that came with the frame with chalkboard paint that I already had. I used a sharpie paint marker to do the lines and the lettering.This calendar will be used to remind the family of appointments, after school activities and chores that need be completed.

Are there any projects that you have been putting off?  Let’s get to it! I promise that you will be proud of yourself and motivated to tackle more back to school projects around your home. Until next time, from one amazing mother to another,




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