Black History Month Coloring Sheet Freebies!



Hey Amazing Moms!

Black history month is almost over, but there’s just enough time to slip in some fun ways to educate your kids about the influential accomplishments of African Americans. In honor of this time of year, I’ve created 3 handmade coloring sheets about African American Inventors. These coloring pages are perfect for introducing your children to some  less known African Americans and their contributions to our society. Simply grab a few books about each of these inventors from your local library, print the coloring pages and read aloud while you kids color, and ask questions. These color pages  are a great way to start conversations about racial equality and inclusion while celebrating the unique contributions of people of color.

Click on each image below to print out each coloring sheet




I hope you found these educational resources to be helpful. Until next time, from one amazing mother to another,

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