The BEST Vegan Cookies!


I’ve wanted to go vegan for years, but chocolate, eggs, cheese and other milk products have held me back. I can’t imagine life without baking with eggs or milk. I’ve  tried vegan cookies from people who are well-meaning,  but they just weren’t  cutting it. I could taste the dryness and the lack of flavor. They didn’t really rise well […] Read more…

Chocolate Oatmeal Almond No-Bake Cookies


Ever crave something sweet and satisfying, but dread the thought of cramming crazy amounts of sugar and calories? I could care less about calories (the satisfaction of sugar is sooo worth it to me) but for the sake of my kids health, I keep super sweet snacks out of our home. When I’m craving something […] Read more…

Why Buy When You Can Bake?


We have three boys. No one told me that when you have boys you need an endless pantry. They consume everything in their path…its scary. But whats even more scary is that they are only one, two and four years old. This means that we still have at least eighteen more years of feeding them. […] Read more…