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Get Organized in 2015: Kids Spaces


Here we are in week three of our “Get Organized in 2015” challenge! In week one we focused on organizing our closets. If you missed that week, you can catch up by clicking here.¬†In week two, we focused on getting our kitchens clean and organized. From naturally sparkling counter-tops, pristine and organized pantries and tidy […] Read more…

Vacation Packing…like a BOSS!


Summer, summer summer time !!!¬†We’re headed¬†into the hottest part of the year and usually its around this time that families decide to¬†take their summer vacation. This year,we went¬†on a road trip to visit family and friends out in Georgia and then from there we headed to¬†Orlando, FL! It was an awesome vacation! And as you […] Read more…