Clean in 2017: My Home Cleaning Caddy



Hey Amazing Mom’s!

We always hear the the catch phrase,” New year; new me!” This year I’m proclaiming, “New year; cleaner home!” A fresh start always begins with throwing out old habits and bringing in new habits. Whether your home is somewhat clean, or… um… not so tidy, it’s never to late to revamp your cleaning habits and make improvements. For the first quarter of 2017 we will be making improvements on the cleanliness and the organization of our home.

In order to improve the appearance of our homes we must have the proper tools in place. When cleaning
supplies are easily accessible, you are more likely to clean as soon as a mess happens. This is why I created a complete home cleaning caddy.

Isn’t she lovely? A friend of mine used her magical Cricut to make the “Shine” decal for it and it’s too adorable! This caddy was very inexpensive and simple to create. I consider this my complete home cleaning caddy because I can clean any surface in my home with this caddy (excluding the kitchen because I keep those specific cleaners under my kitchen sink). Below is my video showing every product and tool in my caddy in detail.


I hope you are inspired to take the first step to a cleaner home in 2017. Until next time…From one amazing mother to another,


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