Frugal Fall Home Decor Tour and Tips



Come on in, let me take you on a little tour of my fall home decor!


Its the most yummy, cuddly time of the year. Crisp mornings and mild afternoons, changing leaves and the smell of the earth breathing out is last few days of warmth. I love it and I know many of you do to. Fall is an amazing season, and my favorite season to decorate for. Its so easy to get caught up in Fall and go crazy decorating by throwing pumpkins and leaves everywhere…but that wouldn’t be practical, cute or budget friendly. So what do you do when you want to celebrate the best season of the year but not go broke?

Focus on focal areas

You don’t need to decorate every wall, stair well and surface of you home. Start in the front of your house and decorate areas that are focal points. Focus on your most visible surfaces such as your front door, your patio, and your mantel. If you don’t have a mantle (like me), you can focus on an entertainment console, wall shelves, a corner on your kitchen counter or a book shelf. I don’t incorporate holiday or seasonal decor into our bedrooms and bathrooms. For me a Fall scented candle works just fine in those areas to bring in the spirit of the season.




Create Vignettes

Cluster a group of items together to set a scene or tell a story. In the flower bed in front of my house, I created a vignette that contains all of the things that I think of when I think about fall. Potted mums, a basket of cinnamon pine cones and gourds, a bushel of hay, a garland of leaves and four small pumpkins make me smile whenever I enter or exit our home


Only do “Just Enough”

My “just enough” approach keeps me from going overboard with seasonal decorating. I don’t want people to feel overwhelmed when they come to my home. When creating a vignette, always leave a little something out. Just when your at the point where you want to add that last touch….stop. A simple bowl of cinnamon and pumpkin scented pine cones on a table is just enough without going overboard.


Know Your Style

Know your style and stick to it. Im not into fussy over the top decor that screams FALL!!! I keep the pumpkins small, I avoid scarecrows and anything with pilgrims, Indians etc. I go for a more natural approach, using leaf garland sparingly, small gourds and pumpkins, pine cones, acorns etc. I like to bring the natural elements of Fall into my home. I mix real with artificial to keep the cost low and so that I can reuse them year after year.  Know what you like and don’t buy items just because they are on sale or because you found it for a crazy low price at a garage sale ( been there, done that and now those items can be found at my local Good Will). A few gourds from the grocery store and a couple sprigs of harvest foliage gives a subtle touch of Autumn to this sideboard.


Incorporate Handmade Touches

A simple picture frame with an artificial or real leaf inside is simple and beautiful. Find images you like on the internet,  print them out and place them in frames. There are tons of Fall themed printables that you can use to add personal seasonal  touches for only pennies.



I made this Fall themed bunting banner last year for just a few dollars.



Plan Ahead 

Toward the end of October, Fall decor begins to get marked down at most stores. If you plan it just right, you can get amazing deals on things that you can use for next year. By the middle of November, you can rack up on cute decor items for Thanksgiving that you can save and reuse for years to come. I picked up my burlap wreath last year for only $12.99 during a Fall clearance sale.



Hope you enjoyed my little tour. Happy Fall decorating!

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