An HONEST Review of the YUMBOX and School Lunch Ideas



Hey Amazing Moms!

Where are my lunch packing mamas?! Unlike normal people, I’m the weirdo who absolutely LOVES packing my kids lunch. This obsession started when I discovered bento style lunch packing. Pretty much, bento boxes are cute ways to compartmentalize and organize your lunches in a small box. This structured way of packing makes food look so much more appetizing and allows you to include a variety of foods in each meal. If I wasn’t already obsessed enough, I recently discovered  Yumboxes. These cute and colorful bento style lunch boxes make lunch packing a breeze. I simply fill each compartment with food from each food group and send my kids off to school with healthy, colorful  meals. I always share my kids meals on my Instagram page and get so many questions about their lunch boxes. Today I’m sharing an honest  video review of the Yumbox for those of you who many be looking for  the perfect lunch packing accessory.

Until next time! From one amazing mother to another,

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