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Hey Amazing Moms!

Welcome back to episode two of my new video series, Mom Talk Tuesday! This week we are talking about mom confidence or “momfidence” as I  like to call it. We are discussing why we should protect ourselves from situations, people and social circles that are damaging to our confidence as mothers. We are also discussing how we can  develop our inner confidence in spite  of what others say to us. Let’s encourage one another and build each other up! I hope you enjoy this week’s episode and as always, feel free to drop a comment or a provide a suggestion for another Mom Talk  Tuesday topic.



What is your experience with mom confidence ? Let’s talk about it! I hope you have found this chat to be helpful. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Half Mom Half Amazing, so that you can be notified about weekly episodes of Mom Talk Tuesday. Until next time, from one amazing mother to another…

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