My Attentive Father


Psalm 22:23-24
23) Ye that fear the Lord, praise him; all ye seed of Jacob, glorify him; and hear him, all ye seed of Israel
24) For he hath not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; neither hath he hid his face from him; but when he cried unto him, he heard.

We have all been there, at a point in our lives when we are feeling our lowest. Whether is a moral test we are facing, low self esteem, problems at home or with family. I feel so rejected and alone when I’m facing challenges in my life. Its as if I forget that I am not the only human to ever experience disappointment or pain. I go into my “Woe is me” pity party, and from God’s perspective I probably look like a tantruming toddler lol. I need to remember that God has not nor will he ever turn His back on my problems. Why act hopeless when you have the Creator of the universe listening to you and waiting for you to give Him permission to fix it? God doesn’t run away or hide when we are facing afflictions…His ears perk up, He sit up at attention waiting for us to surrender our problems so that He can rescue us. Its like being that parent of a newly walking baby. We are so attentive to them, holding our breath when they begin to take steps. Making sure they don’t fall; and when they are about to stumble, we jump up to catch them. We are always waiting to pick them up and comfort them. That’s our Fathers relationship to us. Today my prayer is that we remember that Gods face is not hidden from us. He is waiting and willing to help. We are not alone in our sadness because of Father is waiting to hug us, dust us off and help us back up on our feet.

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