Simple Back to School Hacks and a Printable



Hey Amazing Moms!

School is officially in session across the country. This is my second year as a mom of school kids and let me tell you, the morning struggle can be real! The first weeks of school are usually trial and error. Most of us require a couple of weeks to work out all of the kinks in our morning routine. That’s why I’m here with a few morning routine hacks that will help our kids get up and off to school as smoothly as possible.

Plan Outfits Ahead

Prepping ahead is a time saver. Have your kids pick out their clothes for the next day or the entire week if you can. I found this free hanger tag printable that helps my kids prep their outfits for the week. On Sunday night, we pick out our outfits for the week (just make sure to check the forecast for the week before hand).


Pack Backpacks at Night

In addition to outfit planning, make sure to have backpacks packed and waiting by the front door  for the next day. I have found that the best time to prepare backpacks is after homework time. After all homework is completed, my husband and I make sure that all forms and assignments are signed  and that the kids put everything back into their backpacks for the next day.

Keep Schedules Visible

We recently completed our Family Command Center and it has been a life saver! Our command center keeps our weekly and monthly schedules out on display for all of our family to see.

In addition to having our command center, I also created and posted daily schedules for each child’s extracurricular activities.

This schedule helps my boys  pick their outfits and pack their back pack for each day of the week. I’ve created a PDF of our Weekly Schedule that you can download for FREE! Click image below:


Plan Lunches for the Week

Sunday evenings are a great time to plan lunches for the week. My Weekly Lunch Planner and School Lunch Ideas list helps me to plan and create healthy lunches for the week with minimal effort. Having a pre-set plan makes my morning lunch packing effortless.

What are your favorite stress free morning routine hacks? I hope you found these tips to be helpful. Until next time, from one amazing mother to another,

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