Spring Cleaning Series: The Entry Closet



Hey Amazing Moms!

Welcome back to my Spring Cleaning Quick Tip Series. This week we are battling The Entry Closet!


Do you have an eency weency entry closet?  Are you struggling to overcome your issues with your minuscule mudroom?  I too have to struggle daily with a teeny entry way and closet…which I lovingly refer to as the “death trap”

 I had to find a way to make the closet function better and change our lazy habits of turning the banister and couch into a drop zone. We needed to get disciplined, meaning HANG IT UP and PUT IT BACK no matter what. Many times the  dysfunction of our home comes from lack of discipline. I’m sure our homes would be a lot more orderly if everyone took the time to put back what they took out (can I get an “Amen”?). My goal was to make improvements to our teeny closet so that everything had a place to be stored thereby leaving no excuses for lazy habits.

So here is what I did: I took a trip to the Dollar Tree of course and found baskets to sort hats, gloves and scarves.


Keeping only one kind of hanger in the closet immediately makes the space seem neater and more organized.

At Michaels, I picked up some cute chalkboard labels for our shoe bins and our winter accessory bins.


Command hooks easily solved our wandering backpack issues.


A small wicker basket hung from the closet wall created the perfect drop zone and storage for wet umbrellas.


Total cost $16! Hey, it may not be Pinterest worthy, but my closet is organized and its potential has been maximized! Everything has a place and our sofa is no longer the community dump zone (hallelujah!).


Here are some tips for organizing a small entry closet:

Use the Door: Over the door racks and hooks can maximize the real estate of your closet. Just be sure to know your limits! If it becomes hard to close your closet door or if the door becomes too cluttered, downsize or just let it go.

Maximize Vertical Space: Use the walls of the closet for storage. Hanging baskets from hooks on the inner walls of your closet can triple your storage space.

Use Storage Bins Properly: Don’t just cram bins into your closet, then place more junk in them. Label your bins and stick with whats on the label. If it doesn’t belong, remove it. It’s not organized just because it has a bunch of color coordinated bins inside.

Exercise Discipline: Take the time to use the systems you put in place. Hang up the coats, hang up the bags and put the shoes away where they belong.

I hope you found these entry closet organization tips useful. Happy organizing!

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