Make a Starburst Mirror…for under $10





The master bedroom is supposed to be an oasis to retreat to at the end of the day. As a mother, its important to me that at the end of the day, I can rest in a serene and beautiful place where I can relax and reconnect at the end of the day. Most times this is not the case. If you have small kids more than likely your bedroom has turned into the dumping ground for laundry, diaper bags, brief cases and random stuff. We may spend more time getting our house and our family in order, while own personal space gets neglected. In an effort to reclaim my master bedroom, and to get inspired to make it a more beautiful space, I created this lovely star-burst mirror.

Since  these things can cost any where between $50 to $250 dollars for this size….I think I did I pretty good job 🙂


Here’s what you will need:

Sturdy scissors

Glue gun or E600 epoxy

(15) 5/8 of and inch wooden dowels (I bought mine in the craft section at Walmart but im sure you can find them at any craft store)

a small round mirror (You can find them in the candle aisle of the Dollar Tree)

Silver spray paint

painters tape

a paper clip


I already owned the scissors, glue and spray paint so all  I needed to buy was the dowels and the mirror. So this whole project cost me less than $5!

I apologize for not having pictures of each step, I did this project months ago and accidentally deleted the pictures, but I’ll try my best to explain (please forgive me).

Okay so here’s what you do:

Cut your dowels in two pieces. DO NOT cut them in half! Cut one third off of each dowel, and leave the other section at 2/3 of the length. That way you will have a long and short piece for each dowel. Next, glue your dowels to the back of your mirror. Start by gluing on the first four points (north south east and west). These four points should be longer pieces. From there you can alternate all around the mirror using long and short pieces in whatever pattern you prefer. I did a long short short long pattern at first, then filled it in with more pieces  until I got the look I desired. I spaced mine about a quarter inch from each other.


When you are finished, you may have several dowel pieces left. You can always go back and cram some more on, but I was happy with a sparser look. Take your paper clip and glue it to the top of the mirror. Make sure to glue it low enough so that you can’t see it sticking up from the front. You will use the paper clip to hang it on the wall.


After your glue has dried, go ahead and take that baby outside to be spray painted. I used silver, but you can use whatever color you want. A gold or bronze would be nice too. Make sure you cover the front of the mirror with painters tape before spray painting.


And that’s it! Simple, inexpensive and FABULOUS! I hung mine over our bed but I think this piece would look awesome on any focal wall in your home or on a wall in your staircase. There are so many variations you can create. I’d love to hear how yours turned out.

Happy crafting!

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