Use It Or Lose It! Repurposing Unused Items



Hey Amazing Moms!

Have you ever owned something that you don’t use but you aren’t quite ready to part with? The year is still fresh, which means the many of us are still purging, decluttering and reorganizing our homes. This “decluttering” bug usually bites me in January and continues through June. Every day I’m going through my home, purging unused items, rearranging organization systems and repurposing or upcycling infreqeuntly used items ( and driving my husband crazy because nothing is where it once was anymore).

When you have kids, you are more likely to have more  things that get tossed. Toys, clothes, shoes and books that are outgrown or are not  used as often as before. Even though some of these items are no longer needed, a select few can be repurposed to be enjoyed for many more years got come. In my latest video, I show you how you can breathe new life into items that your many not want to part with just yet. Watch me “upcycle” and repurpose toys and learning materials that my kids have outgrown.


I hope you have found this video to be helpful and I hope it sparked your creative juices! What do you have that you can refresh and reuse? I would love to hear your ideas. Until next time, from one amazing mother to another,



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